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November, 2016 CareFest Projects


 Received from Pasco Elderly Nutrition 

1.      Holiday 34690: Mr. G. is an 82 year old man who receives meals but his phone is not working correctly right now. Our home delivery driver can get him a message if Some Body Cares wants to do work for him. He is very frail and has trouble walking. He needs some work done in the yard and the interior of his house needs painting badly.

2.      New Port Richey 34654: Ms. L. is a 67 year old woman who receives meals. She is very frail after recently coming out of the hospital for open heart surgery. She needs some yard work and especially to remove branches that are touching the roof of her house.

3.      Hudson 34667: Mr. S. is an 81 year old frail man who receives meals. Mr. Sellers is in dire need of yard work. He needs his lawn mowed, weeds pulled up and/or killed. There are weeds in the gravel. The yard needs cleaning up some.

4.      New Port Richey 34653: Ms. G. is a 74 year old woman who is living with a friend, sleeping on her couch as she cannot live in her mobile home due to its condition. The mobile home is infested with c roaches and she does not have the money to have it exterminated. She lives on a fixed income of $750 a month $550 which goes to the rental of the mobile home property- which leaves her only $200 to live on. Also, she need help in cleaning the inside the Mobile Home as she has left it unoccupied for the last two years- it is filled with clothing and other items which are too heavy for her to lift and move. She needs help sorting through the things and throwing some items away.

5.      Hudson 34669: Mr. R. is a 67 year old Veteran who is disabled due to a stroke (not related to his military service). This stroke left him paralyzed on one side and he is mostly wheelchair bound. He can walk (using a 4-prong cane) a very short distance. Currently his wife struggles to help him down the stairs and as he ages it has become more difficult. The ambulance came a few weeks ago and they expressed shock that they did not have a wheel chair ramp. They live in a mobile home and there are at least 5 wooden steps to get up to the front door. They really could use either a portable or a built-in wheel chair ramp.

6.      Bayonet Point 34667: This is a 63 yr. old woman who needs to have her windows and screens cleaned She also requested to have the backyard cleaned up and mow the whole property. Ms. Streeter has severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, pain in her knees and back and she has a lot of difficulty with mobility.

7.      Hudson 34667: This is a 67 yr. old elderly man who needs to have a ramp installed on his trailer. He has difficulty going into and leaving his home. He is unable to use his wheelchair. Mr. Matthews has osteoarthritis, COPD and occasional dizziness.

8.      Spring Hill 34610: This is an 82 year old elderly woman who uses a 4-prong walker for mobility. She has COPD and has trouble breathing, which makes her extremely tired. Ms. B. has a heart condition, osteoporosis, some hearing loss and osteoarthritis. She is unable to do any major cleaning in her home. Ms. B. requested to have her windows and screens cleaned.

9.      Dade City 33525: Mr. C. is a 77 year old senior who lives alone on a very limited income. We would like assistance cleaning his apartment. He has heart problems and uses a cane for mobility. Any service you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

10.    Dade City 33525: This is a 90 year old WWII veteran who lives alone on a very limited income. He is hard of hearing and walks with a cane. He could really benefit from some yard work and repairs to the stairs leading to his mobile home He may be interested in getting his home tidied up as well

11.    Zephyrhills 33541: This is an 83 elderly women who suffer with dementia. She lives alone and is on a very limited income. She has HBP, heart problems, and frequently falls. She would like some assistance cleaning her home. She is not able to clean it thoroughly at this time.

12.    Zephyrhills 33541: This is a 73 elderly woman who has MS and now lives alone. She is on a very limited income. She has HBP, Scoliosis, cholesterol problems and uses an electric scooter for mobility. She would like assistance cleaning her home. Anything you can provide will be appreciated.

13.    Bayonet Point 34667: This is a 63 yr. old woman who needs to have her windows and screens cleaned She also requested to have the backyard cleaned up and mow the whole property. Ms. S. has severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, pain in her knees and back and she has a lot of difficulty with mobility.


From Somebody Cares Tampa Bay


14.    Holiday 34691: Homeowner needs house painted, yard work, and help with a roof leak.

15.    Holiday 34691: Home owner needs assistance patching her roof.

16.    Holiday 34691: Homeowner needs a piece of wood sanded and painted, ceiling has water damage in the bathroom, rod iron redone, and front porch possibly painted. She has some paint and can possibly help with the materials.

17.    Holiday 34691: Single woman needs help with yard work. This job is more hand pulling than weed whacking as front yard is gravel, Back is dir and side is garden. Homeowner has trash cans for debris. Job requires 4 people for 2 hours.

18.    Hudson 34667: Kitchen Faucet won't shut off


19.    Hudson 34667: Homeowner lives in a Mobile Home and needs help replacing/fixing the metal border around the home. The fascia is rusting and leaking. Husband is a disabled vet.

20.    New Port Richey: Homeowner needs yard work, interior work and plumbing work done. Single female disabled and slight learning disability. Yard work to entail: mowing, trimming, project would take 2 people -2 hours Interior install one wall switch cover plate, 2 outlet plates, clean two ceiling fans, clean A/C vents, light cleaning in Living Room, kitchen, bath, help owner go through boxes in bedroom and Florida room to save/donate/toss contents. Interior would take 4 people- 3 hours.

21.    New Port Richey 34653: Homeowner needs help changing a light fixture, yard work, weeding, putting up blinds, and installing a new stove hood. Homeowner can provide materials.

22.    New Port Richey 34652: Single mother needs help with remove rotten tree stump in front yard, Cleaning gutters. Will take 3 people and 3 hrs.

23.    New Port Richey 34652: Homeowner needs help with cleaning out gutters, ceiling painted and wall paper trimmed off. Interior painting and trim. Project will require 6 people.

24.    New Port Richey 34652:PregnancyCenter needs 2 office rooms light patching, removal of paper border, and painting. Approx. 4 people with putty knives, drop cloths, short ladders, brushes and rollers, etc. Paint supplied.

25.    New Port Richey 34653: Single disabled homeowner needs assistance with the following; unpacking boxes and organizing the living area, installing 3 window a/c units, and repairing a minor roof leak. Homeowner has some materials for the instillation of the a/c unit. Minor projects include repairing closet rod, switch to garbage disposal, and kitchen faucet. Job will require minimum 6 people and 8 hours of work.

26.    Port Richey 34668: Homeowner needs assistance with yard work, tree trimming, and pressure washing and painting the exterior of her home. Debora Gordon 727-842-5173 Entered

27.    Port Richey 34668: Homeowner needs assistance cleaning debris outside of home and inside. Lawn and tree work; mow lawn, pull weeds, remove debris.


28.    Spring Hill: Needs step fixed Submitted by Henry Becoat

29.    Holiday 34691: Doors in bathroom and closets to be fixed with locks and cut to proper length window screens repaired, base board installed (material on site), Fan/light repaired, misc. household maintenance. Submitted by Steve Simpson

Developing Projects

30.    Fox Hollow Elementary School: Landscaping, mulching, bush/tree planting

31.    West Pasco Pregnancy Center: Painting and misc. interior maintenance

32.    ACTS Center: - interior and exterior clean-up in preparation for serving Thanksgiving meals

33.    Impact Family Ministries : Painting 7 exterior doors, need gutter installation 

34.    City of Port Richey:WaterfrontPark renovations

35.    Hoffman – Hudson: Gutters and facia